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X Window server

The xmetax program may start the local X Window server automatically. The statement

serverCommand server_program server_argument...

declares the name of the X Window server program and its arguments. All words up to the end of the command line or the configuration file are taken as server_argument.... Since succeeding key words are not recognized, this statement must be the last on the command line or in a configuration file.

Contrary to other configuration statements, the arguments of all serverCommand statements are concatenated.

Display connectionsIn most cases, the first server_argument is the non-default display number :1 (Display connection).

The xmetax program transparently passes the signals HUP, TERM, and USR1 and takes care of correct authorization automatically (Authorization).

The statement

serverNice nice_value

changes the relative process priority of the X Window server process. A negative nice_value from -1 to -20 increases the priority, a positive nice_value from 1 to 20 lowers the priority, the default value is 0.

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