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XmetaXtool: configuration with graphical user interface

The xmetaxtool command line specifies the X Window display on which the dialog boxes of the configuration tool should be displayed, unless the environment variable $DISPLAY is set appropriately. This may, but does not have to be the connection of the XmetaX proxy (X Window client connection):

/opt/XSOXmetaX/bin/xmetaxtool [-display display_name] \
[-geometry position_and_dimensions] \

If there are configuration statements on the command line, they are displayed by XmetaXtool in the main dialog box. Otherwise, the program tries to read and to display the current configuration of the XmetaX proxy, if any.

The main dialog box of the graphical user interface is structured in three parts:

the navigation area on the left side,

the configuration and information area on the right side,

and the command button row at the lower border.

XmetaXtool dialog box

After clicking on a nonsensitive area, the dialog box may be moved by dragging the mouse. If the box is displayed by the XmetaX proxy, which is currently configured, its position relative to the real screen remains constant during the configuration.


The appearance of the command buttons helps to distinguish the two modes of the configuration tool.

In off-line mode the program is not connected to any XmetaX proxy:

Off-line mode command buttons

In on-line mode a running XmetaX proxy is configured directly:

On-line mode command buttons

The command buttons have the following functions:

"Connect": A dialog box is popped up for input of the name of the connection to the XmetaX proxy. The current configuration is read in and displayed. The configuration tool enters the on-line mode.

"Apply": In on-line mode only, all configuration settings are transferred to the XmetaX proxy and read back.

"Disconnect: The connection to the XmetaX proxy is closed down without changing the configuration. The configuration tool enters the off-line mode.

"Open": A file selection box is popped up for selection of a configuration file, which is read in and displayed.

"Save": The displayed configuration — it doesn't need to equal the current XmetaX proxy configuration — is saved.

"Quit": The configuration tool is terminated.

Configuration of a meta screen

Most of the parameters of meta screens (Meta screen) are configured on the "Meta Screen" page:

Meta screen

Common visuals and the default visual (Common resources and capabilities) are configured on a separate page:

Meta screen visuals

Individual visuals are specified using a dialog box:

Meta screen visual dialog

Configuration of a screen

The most important parameters of screens (Screen) are configured on the "Screen Settings" page:


The various input configuration possibilities are accessed via the "Screen Input" page:

Screen input

Less important configuration parameters are grouped on a third screen page:

Screen miscellaneous

Common resources and capabilities

The resources and capabilities of the XmetaX proxy as seen by the X Window clients, which are not related to a certain meta screen, (Common resources and capabilities) are configured on four individual pages:

The limits:


The protocol extensions:


The font path:

Font path

The pixmap formats:

Pixmap formats

Communication and XDMCP

All configuration parameters which determine the communication between X Window clients and XmetaX proxy on the one hand and between proxy and X Window server(s) on the other hand are specified on the "Communication" page:

the client connection (X Window client connection),

priority and identity of the proxy process (Miscellaneous statements),

the X Window server (X Window server),

and the authorization (Authorization):


The XDMCP configuration (X Display Manager Control Protocol) is specified on a separate page:


Options and workarounds

Options (Options) and workarounds (Compensation for X Window client and server bugs) are specified on the "Options & Workarounds" page:

Options and workarounds

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