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Common resources and capabilities

XmetaX may combine even rather different screens to meta screens. Therefore, certain characteristics of the screens are matched and equalized automatically and offered to the X Window clients. The following statements affect the matching procedures so that the results are more restricted.

However, this is only useful in exceptional cases, for instance, if a DynamicServer configuration (Dynamic configuration) has to be extended later by an additional X Window server with different capabilities.

When playing a file recorded by XmetaX the graphics capabilities of recording and displaying X Window servers should be similar, too. If the playback X Window server does not support all capabilities of the recording X Window server(s), the following statements may be used to let the XmetaX proxy use not all capabilities of the controlled X Window server(s).

Most of the capabilities of the X Window servers as well as of the XmetaX proxy can be examined by the xdpyinfo program.

The statement

numberOfKeyCodes number_of_key_codes

specifies the number of codes of the keyboard mapping. Different keyboard mappings are translated automatically.

The statement

numberOfButtons number_of_buttons

specifies the number of buttons on the pointing device. Different pointer mappings are translated automatically.

The statement

maximumNumberOfScreens number_of_screens_per_server

determines the maximum number of screens per X Window server.

The statements

maximumRequestSize size_in_4_byte_quantitities
maximumBigRequestSize size_in_4_byte_quantitities

specify the maximum size of X11 protocol requests, without and with the BIG-REQUESTS protocol extension, respectively, each in quantities of four bytes.

The statement

numberOfResourceIdBits number

denotes the number of actually variable bits in resource ids. Generally, this value is 19 for X Window servers up to protocol release X11R4, and 22 from release X11R5 on.

The statement

fontPath {[+|-]font_path_name}...

specifies a list of elements (Lists) of the default font path initially presented to the X Window clients.

The statement

extensions {[+|-]name_of_the_protocol_extension}...

defines a list (Lists) of protocol extensions supported by the XmetaX proxy.

If the XmetaX proxy has to be configured during runtime (XmetaXtool: configuration with graphical user interface), the protocol extension X-SOFTWARE META must not be excluded. The same is true for the protocol extensions X-SOFTWARE KEYMAP, X-SOFTWARE POSE, and X-SOFTWARE TRANSLUCENT, respectively.

The statement

pixmapFormats {[+|-][depth][:[bits_per_pixel][:[line_padding]]]}...

specifies a list (Lists) of pixmap formats which are presented to the X Window clients. If a specifier does not fully qualify a pixmap format (i.e. it contains one or more empty fields between the colons :) the specifier may denote multiple pixmap formats.

The sub-statements


are described in the section about meta screens (Common resources and capabilities).

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