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It is a window system called X, not a system called X Windows

We use the terms X Window (System) and X11


The Pose technology is used for exactly and totally recording (capture) and later or simultaneous playback of X11 sessions or individual applications, optionally together with audio, video, or arbitrary binary data streams. The recording may be converted to video formats, too.

The recording functionality is available in two flavors: on the one hand as a stand-alone product XposeXrecord and on the other hand as Pose option of the XmetaX product.

For later or simultaneous playback and video conversion the separate product XposeXplay is used.


The functionality of the XposeXplay base product may be enhanced by additional options. Throughout this document these enhancements are highlighted by color.

The option Control implements parts of the functionality of the stand-alone product XcontrolX and provides means for additional input from the replaying X Window server. This allows to control a remote, simultaneously recorded X11 session using the local keyboard and pointer devices.

The option VisEmu allows to playback X Window clients recorded on older graphics systems of depths of 4 and 8 on modern hardware often supporting 24 bits depth only (Destination) (Destination).

The option Multimedia allows to capture, transport, store, and replay audio, video, or arbitrary binary data streams simultaneously and synchronously to the Pose data stream. This option may also be used to convert a Pose recording into any video format by use of an external video codec.

The XposeXplay base product already implements all options. An individual option is enabled by a suitable license key.

X11 protocol and protocol extensions

XposeXplay is based on the META technology for decoding, encoding and transport of the X11 protocol. The software supports the complete X11R7 protocol.

XposeXplay supports the protocol extensions BIG-REQUESTS 2.0, DOUBLE-BUFFER 1.0, DPMS 1.1, FBPM 1.1, Generic Event Extension 1.0, GLX 1.4 (plus about 15 extensions, OpenGL 2.1 plus about 125 extensions, please contact for a up-to-date list), HPExtension 1.0, MIT-SCREEN-SAVER 1.0, MIT-SHM 1.1, Multi-Buffering 1.1, RENDER 0.9, SCREEN-SAVER 1.0, SHAPE 1.0, SUN_ALLPLANES 1.0, SYNC 3.0, XC-MISC 1.1, XINERAMA 1.1, XInputExtension 1.3, X-SOFTWARE POSE 8.3, XpExtension 1.0, XTEST 2.2, and XVideo 2.2.


XposeXplay includes the configuration tool XposeXtool, which is used to create configuration files or to configure and control recording, playback, and conversion — through the graphical user interface or scriptable from the command line.

XposeXtool dialog box

Improvements and enhancements of version 8.0

Following are the most important modifications of the version 8.0 of XposeXplay.

The installation directories (Installation directories) were unified for all architectures.

Messages (Messages) are now written into the directory /var/opt/XSOXposeXplay/logs by default.

The number of supported protocol extensions were increased and the version levels were updated (X11 protocol and protocol extensions).

You find further improvements and enhancements related to recording, playback, copying, and conversion in another chapter (Improvements and enhancements of version 8.0).

Supported architectures

XposeXplay is available for the following operating systems:

Hewlett-Packard HP-UX (PA-RISC and Itanium) 11,

IBM AIX (PowerPC) from 5 on,

Linux (x86_32: iA-32 from Pentium Pro on, x86_64/x64/AMD64),

Linux (x86_64: iA-32 from Pentium Pro on, iA-64, x86_64/x64/AMD64),

Oracle/Sun Solaris 8, 9, 10, 11 (SPARC from V7+ on),

Oracle/Sun Solaris 8, 9, 10, 11 (x86: iA-32 from Pentium Pro on, x86_64/x64/AMD64).

If you need the software for another Unix platform please feel free to contact

Order information

You can download the XposeXplay software in form of an installation package from the X-Software Internet server (Downloading).

Without a license key the software runs in evaluation mode with full functionality (Execution without license key).

A license key allows to use the software either on one individual computer (node-locked) or overall in a local network (floating) (Execution with a license key). The separate, free of charge, product Xlicense is used for licensing of all X-Software products.

There are two ways for updating to the current version. With the update product you get the license key for the current version once, whereas the maintenance plan entitles you to receive the license keys for the then current versions during one year.

For ordering please refer to the price list and contact

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