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Option GLXplus: Tunneling OpenGL through GLX

XmetaX proxy with GLXplusThe GLXplus option allows to tunnel the protocol stream of OpenGL 2.1 through the GLX protocol and thus to benefit from the hardware acceleration of modern graphics cards.

The latest implementations of OpenGL lost the focus on network transparency. Therefore it wasn't possible to use the newest OpenGL features on a remote host or with X-Software's X Window proxies. To regain this ability a special OpenGL client side library implements an extended GLX protocol to transport the OpenGL requests to an XmetaX proxy, which receives and forwards them directly to the graphics card or prepares them for recording.

Currently the GLXplus functionality is available for the following combinations of operating system and graphics card:

Nvidia ATI
Linux (x86_32) OpenGL 2.1 plus extensions OpenGL 2.1 plus extensions
Linux (x86_64) OpenGL 2.1 plus extensions OpenGL 2.1 plus extensions
Oracle Solaris 10, 11 (x86) OpenGL 2.1 plus extensions -

If you need this functionality for another Unix platform or graphics card please feel free to contact <>.

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