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The following tutorial session demonstrates the operation of the GLXplus option. The prerequisites are:

XmetaX must be installed totally (Installation).

You must be logged into an X Window environment with XmetaX proxy and the GLXplus option must be configured (Options).

If you use a window manager, it must be connected to the XmetaX proxy, too. The easiest way to do this is integrating XmetaX into the X Window environment (Integration).

An operative OpenGL environment must be installed, including the glxinfo and glxgears programs.

First, change the command path so that the shell can find the XmetaX proxy program and the glxPlus script in the installation directory /opt/XSOXmetaX (Installation directories)

export PATH

or with the C shell:

set path=($path /opt/XSOXmetaX/bin)

If you want to start the XmetaX proxy manually without integrating it into the X Window environment, then choose a free X Window display number, for instance :1, and set the $DISPLAY environment variable accordingly, using the Bourne shell:

export DISPLAY

or with the C shell

setenv DISPLAY :1

Now you can start the XmetaX proxy in the background:

xmetax $DISPLAY display :0 glxPlus on options GLXplus accessControl off &

Now check whether GLXplus is activated:

/opt/XSOXmetaX/bin/glxPlus glxinfo | grep -e "direct rendering" -e "server .* string"

The result should read:

direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)
server glx vendor string: X-Software GmbH
server glx version string: 2.1

It seems that for glxinfo direct rendering is not available, because the Client did not get a direct rendering context.

To avoid this set the GLXPLUS_REPORT_DIRECT variable:

GLXPLUS_REPORT_DIRECT="1" /opt/XSOXmetaX/bin/glxPlus glxinfo | grep -e "direct rendering" -e "server .* string"

Now the result should read:

direct rendering: Yes
server glx vendor string: X-Software GmbH
server glx version string: 2.1

Now you could start a OpenGL client, for example glxgears:

/opt/XSOXmetaX/bin/glxPlus glxgears

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