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The main program of the XmetaX product, the XmetaX proxy xmetax, must be licensed. You may download the software from the X-Software Internet server. However, for continuous use you must have a license key.

Execution without license key

Without a license key or with an invalid or unbound license key, the program runs in evaluation mode with full functionality and all options enabled. However, after 30 minutes for run time it will display a warning message before terminating the program. Data recorded by the Pose option of XmetaX in evaluation mode can be replayed within three days only.

The evaluation time can be extended by a temporary license key, please contact for further information and support.

Execution with a license key

The separate product Xlicense is used for licensing of all X-Software products, i.e. control of the legitimate use of the software.

The right to use the licensed software is attested by a license document and is technically implemented by a license key. One — or more for high availability — license servers control — allow or deny and log — the use of the software on all computers connected to the local network. The right to use may be bound to a single computer (node-locked) or to the network (floating).

In the most simple case of node-locked licensing the main program of the licensed product starts a local license server automatically.

Installation and configuration of the license server are described in the manual of the Xlicense product.

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