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Miscellaneous statements

Every X Window server knows a default font, which can be used by a client without opening the font explicitly. Because the name of this font cannot be inquired, the statement

fontName font_name

declares the default font for the XmetaX proxy (the default value is fixed).

The statement

syncScreenSavers on|off

lets the XmetaX proxy synchronize the screen savers of the controlled X Window servers with enabled screen savers (off by default).

The statement

disableSlaveInput on|off

lets the XmetaX proxy switch off the input devices of the X Window servers which currently are not configured as source of input (Input source) (off by default). Some X Window servers may need additional configuration for this functionality (Configuration of the X Window servers).

The statement

bell on|off

lets the XmetaX proxy pass the audible bell X11 request to the controlled X Window(s) (default) or not. This allows to run a virtual proxy silently.

X Window clients may ask for the identity (vendor string) and version number (vendor release number) of the X Window server. The statements

vendorString none|same|vendor_string
vendorReleaseNumber none|same|vendor_release_number

specify the values to be returned to the clients. The value same lets the xmetax program pass on the values of the (first) X Window server unmodified, with the default value of none the vendor string

XmetaX of X-Software GmbH

and the vendor release number  81 are returned.

The statement

glxVendorString none|same|vendor_string

specifies the identifying string to return for the GLX (OpenGL) implementation (GLX_VENDOR). The value same lets the xmetax program pass on the value of the X Window server unmodified, with the default value of none the vendor string

X-Software GmbH

is returned.

The statement

nice nice_value

changes the relative priority of the xmetax process. A negative nice_value from -1 to -20 increases the priority, a positive nice_value from 1 to 20 lowers the priority, the default value is 0.

The statement

numberOfThreads number_of_threads

specifies how many working threads the XmetaX proxy should use. The default value of 4 is reasonable even on machines with only one single-core-processor.

The destination of error messages and warnings may be specified by the statement

logDestination -|stdout|stderr|syslog|file_name

If file_name ends with .html or .htm, the messages are output in HTML format, else in plain text format. The default destination depends on the user executing the XmetaX proxy program and the display number (X Window client connection): /var/opt/XSOXmetaX/logs/xmetax-user_name-display_number.log.

The statement

logTypes {[+|-]DynamicServerStatistics|[+|-]extensionDetails

configures a list (Lists) of additional logging output:

dynamicServerStatistics prints the number of each type of X11 resource transferred to an X Window server.

extensionDetails prints the names of all protocol extensions queried by the X Window clients.

protocolErrors traces X11 protocol errors.

visualDetails prints informations about the matching of visuals of the controlled screens (Common resources and capabilities).

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