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Global statements

The statement


introduces sub-statements, which specify general parameters.

Dialog box

The sub-statement

    hotKey gui

defines the hot key combination which causes the display of the graphical user interface (XposeXtool: control and configuration with graphical user interface). The default hot key combination is Shift Control.


The sub-statement

    numberOfThreads number_of_threads

specifies how many working threads the xposextool program should use for compression (Compression) (Compression). The default value of 4 is reasonable even on machines with only one single-core-processor. The special value of 0 means single tasking.


The destination of (error) messages and warnings may be specified by the sub-statement

 logDestination -|stdout|stderr|syslog|file_name

If file_name ends with .html or .htm, the messages are output in HTML format, else in plain text format. The default destination depends on the user executing the xposextool proxy program: /var/opt/XSOXmetaX/logs/xposextool-user_name.log.

The sub-statement

 logTypes {[+|-]statistics|none}...

configures additional output of statistical information as well as meta information (Meta data) (none by default).

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