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With openwin under Oracle Solaris

Under Solaris and OpenWindows 3 without a display manager the X Window environment is started indirectly through the openwin script by the script $HOME/.login:


However, the openwin script deletes each argument from the command line which looks like a display specifier. Therefore, XmetaX has to be configured through a configuration file (Configuration file):

$OPENWINHOME/bin/openwin \
-server /opt/XSOXmetaX/bin/xmetax $HOME/xbigx.conf serverCommand

Because the openwin script appends certain arguments to the X Window server command line, which should be passed to the real server, the xmetax command must be terminated by an incomplete serverCommand configuration statement.

        $HOME/xmetax.conf serverCommand

The call of the X Window server with the display number 1 (Display connection) is specified in the configuration file:

# $HOME/xmetax.conf
serverCommand $OPENWINHOME/bin/X :1

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