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Display wall with multiple X Window servers

For building a large display wall you usually need multiple X Window servers, because the expandability of workstations is limited. In the following configuration the four screens of a row are controlled by one of four workstations. The XmetaX proxy controls multiple X Window servers:

screen 0.0 display wall0:1.0
screen 0.1 display wall0:1.1
screen 0.2 display wall0:1.2
screen 0.3 display wall0:1.3

screen 1.0 display wall1:1.0
southOf 0.0
screen 1.1 display wall1:1.1
screen 1.2 display wall1:1.2
screen 1.3 display wall1:1.3

screen 2.0 display wall2:1.0
southOf 1.0
screen 2.1 display wall2:1.1
screen 2.2 display wall2:1.2
screen 2.3 display wall2:1.3

screen 3.0 display wall3:1.0
southOf 2.0
screen 3.1 display wall3:1.1
screen 3.2 display wall3:1.2
screen 3.3 display wall3:1.3

This configuration can be formulated modular and more flexible using variables (Variables) and multiple separate configuration files (Configuration file):

# /etc/opt/XSOXmetaX/wall.conf
set row 0
screen 0.0

# /etc/opt/XSOXmetaX/row.conf
set column 0
set previousRow ($row - 1)
screen $row.0 southOf $previousRow.0
set row ($row + 1)

# /etc/opt/XSOXmetaX/screen.conf
screen $row.$column display wall$row:1.$column
set column ($column + 1)

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