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It is a window system called X, not a system called X Windows

We use the terms X Window (System) and X11


XcontrolX receives all input events from a X Window server, the master, and may send these events to any one of several other X Window servers or Microsoft® Windows® systems, referred to as the slaves. Unless it is otherwise configured, at any time there is only one mouse pointer visible, the position of which determines the target of the input events. The mouse pointer is warped onto one of the other screens by touching the screen border or by pressing a specified hot key combination or by using the graphical user interface.

In addition to remote input, XcontrolX allows to display a telepointer without input capability on a remote screen. A telepointer user may gain input control by a simple mouse click.

Consequently one X Window server can display the telepointers of multiple XcontrolX processes but grants input control to not more than one user. Concurrent access to the X Window server is ruled by priorities, for telepointers and for inputs individually.

It is possible to transfer data between all screens by cutting and pasting.


The functionality of the XcontrolX base product may be enhanced by additional options. Throughout this document these enhancements are highlighted by color.

The option Win allows the control of Microsoft® Windows® systems by connecting to the XcontrolX client for Windows® which is part of the XcontrolX installation package.

The XcontrolX base product already implements all options. An individual option is enabled by a suitable license key and activated by the configuration.


XcontrolX can be configured from the command line, by configuration files, or through a graphical user interface.

XcontrolX dialog box


XcontrolX flawlessly cooperates with workstation or terminal vendor supplied servers, with Xorg and Xfree86 servers as well as with many specialized servers. The X Window clients including window managers cannot detect any differences to an X Window environment without XcontrolX. XcontrolX supports all X11 protocol extensions.

The slaves must support at least one of the protocol extensions either DEC-XTRAP (newer implementation), XTEST (version 2.2 or higher), or XTestExtension1 (newer implementation).

Improvements and enhancements in version 8.0

Following are the most important modifications of the version 8.0 of XcontrolX.

The installation directories (Installation directories) were unified for all architectures.

Messages (Error messages and warnings) are now written into the directory /var/opt/XSOXcontrolX/logs by default.

The configuration language now unifies concepts like lists, points of time and periods of time (Configuration language).

The spatial arragement of screens (Screen arrangement) is now simplified through the use of a compass analogy.

Two new statements provide methods to help avoid the unintentional switching between screens (Screen border crossing) and to synchronize the screensavers (Synchronization of screen savers).

The new option Win allows the control of Microsoft® Windows® systems.

Supported architectures

XcontrolX is available for the following operating systems:

Hewlett-Packard HP-UX (PA-RISC and Itanium) 11,

IBM AIX (PowerPC) from 5 on,

Linux (x86_32: iA-32 from Pentium Pro on, x86_64/x64/AMD64),

Linux (x86_64: iA-32 from Pentium Pro on, iA-64, x86_64/x64/AMD64),

Oracle/Sun Solaris 8, 9, 10, 11 (SPARC from V7+ on),

Oracle/Sun Solaris 8, 9, 10, 11 (x86: iA-32 from Pentium Pro on, x86_64/x64/AMD64).

If you need the software for another Unix platform please feel free to contact

Order information

You can download the XcontrolX software in form of an installation package from the X-Software Internet server (Downloading).

Without a license key the software runs in evaluation mode with full functionality (Execution without license key).

A license key allows to use the software either on one individual computer (node-locked) or overall in a local network (floating) (Execution with a license key). The separate, free of charge, product Xlicense is used for licensing of all X-Software products.

There are two ways for updating to the current version. With the update product you get the license key for the current version once, whereas the maintenance plan entitles you to receive the license keys for the then current versions during one year.

For ordering please refer to the price list and contact

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