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The screen sub-statement specifies the display name of a screen to be controlled by XcontrolX:

    screen screen_number

The screen_number may be specified by a display name, too.

The master as well as the slaves may have up to 256 screens. XcontrolX always controls all of the screens of the master.

The screen statement introduces sub-sub-statements, which specify additional parameters of the screen.

Screen arrangement

The sub-sub-statements

        northOf screen_specification...|none
southOf screen_specification...|none
eastOf screen_specification...|none
westOf screen_specification...|none

denote the arrangements of the screens to each other. If one screen is westOf an other screen and if configured, the mouse pointer may be moved across the left border of the first screen and appears on the right border of the second screen, which then gets all input events. The corresponding opposite direction is defined implicitly.

More than one screen can be adjacent to a screen border. There is no default screen arrangement.

A screen which appears only in such a sub-sub-statement but in no screen sub-statement, is automatically defined. This is true for servers accordingly.

The sub-sub-statements

        rotate|rotation 0|none
rotate|rotation 90|quarter|oneQuarter
rotate|rotation 180|half|twoQuarter|twoQuarters
rotate|rotation 270|threeQuarter|threeQuarters

let the xcontrolx program modify the pointer movements for a slave screen rotated by 0 degrees (default, fixed for the screens of the master), 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees counter-clockwise.

Miscellaneous screen statements

Hot key

The sub-sub-statement

[to horizontal_position_in_pixels

assigns a key combination to a screen. Whenever this hot key is pressed, the mouse pointer jumps to the specified position on the corresponding screen. There is no default hot key.


The appearance of the telepointer is specified for each screen in the same manner as globally (Telepointer). The global configuration serves as default for the individual screens.

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