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Option Win: controlling Microsoft® Windows® systems

The option Win enables to use a Microsoft® Windows® system as an XcontrolX slave. You have to install the additional XcontrolX Windows® client program to use this feature.

Installing the software

To install the software you will need approximately 7 MBytes free filesystem space on the Microsoft® Windows® system.

First install XcontrolX on the controlling master computer (Installation).

Copy the file XcontrolX Windows client setup.exe from the XcontrolX installation directory (usually /opt/XSOXcontrolX/share) to the Microsoft® Windows® system.

Execute the binary with administration rights and follow the installation wizard's instructions.

Connecting to the slave

The display name of the Microsoft® Windows® slave is composed of the hostname and the display number 0. To connect to an XcontrolX Windows® client, use the server configuration statement (Server).

Removing the software

Please use the default uninstallation routine of your Microsoft® Windows® system and then reboot your system.

Supported architectures

The XcontrolX Windows® client is available for the following operating systems:

Microsoft® Windows Vista®

Microsoft® Windows® XP

Microsoft® Windows® 2000

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