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License key

The right to use the licensed software is attested by a license document and is technically implemented by a license key. You receive the license document printed or electronically.

The license key contains several fields, name-value-pairs except for the first field, like:

rights=10 users=5 hosts=4
option=Vario option=Channel rights=20 option=DynamicServer hosts=1
duration=11Dec2007-10Dec2008 maintenance=11Dec2007-10Dec2008
systemid=Sol_8068b73c systemid=Eth_08:00:2b:15:c7:d5

The order of the fields and case are significant. The fields are separated by arbitrary whitespace. However, the license key must not extend over more than one text line. If a value contains whitespace, it has to be surrounded by double quotes ".

The first field of the license key specifies the licensed product. The meanings of the other fields are described in the following paragraphs.


This field specifies the version of the licensed product. There are three variants:

version=version_number: the version of the product must match exactly.

version=+version_number: the version of the product must be equal or newer.

version=-version_number: the version of the product must be equal or older.


The field option=option_name may be repeated and allows to enhance the functionality of the base product by an option.

Node-locked versus floating licensing

The field type=floating enables floating licensing: the software may be used on any computer connected to the local network. Otherwise the execution is limited to an individual computer (node-locked).

Floating licensing provides higher flexibility, because the actual use of the software is not bound to a particular computer. The resulting high availability may be enhanced by using multiple license servers (Central licensing).

Restriction of simultaneous use

With node-locked as well as with floating licensing the concurrent use of the licensed product — base product and options (Options) independently — usually is limited. There are three cases:

rights=number: When starting the software debits a number of rights to use — usually one — and credits them when terminating.

users=number: The number of concurrent users of the software is limited.

hosts=number: The number of computers simultaneously executing the software is limited.

A license key becomes unusable as soon as one of the conditions comes true.

Timewise restriction

The field duration=starting_date-ending_date limits the execution of the software to the specified period of time.

The field maintenance=starting_date-ending_date specifies the period during which you may get license keys for new versions of the software free of charge.

System ID

The field systemid=system_ID — it may be repeated — binds the license key to a computer. In the node-locked case this is the computer executing the software. With floating licensing the license key is bound to the computers running the license servers (Central licensing).

A computer is identified by its system ID. The type of system ID depends on the architecture of the computer:

Architecture Type Command Example
Hewlett-Packard HP-UX serial number uname -i HP_2067101737
Hewlett-Packard Tru64 UNIX network address netstat -i Eth_08:00:2b:15:c7:d5
IBM AIX network address netstat -i Eth_2.60.8c.c7.3f.aa
Linux network address /sbin/ifconfig Eth_08:00:2b:15:c7:d5
SGI IRIX serial number sysinfo -s Irix_1763391778
Oracle Solaris serial number hostid Sol_8068b73c

If the Xlicense product or any other X-Software product is already installed, you may also use the corresponding main program for obtaining the system ID, like

/opt/XSOXlicense/bin/xlicense -info

The system ID is also displayed by the web interface of the license server (Web interface).

If you want to bind a license key to one or several of your computers, please send the key together with the system ID(s) to The document may contain a link which you can use to bind the license for yourself.


The field signature=signature encrypts significant data of the key.

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